Tyler Bate Defends United Kingdom Championship Title Against Mark Andrews

In the foremost event in sports entertainment history, an audience outside of the World Wrestling Entertainment had the opportunity to observe its United Kingdom Championship being defended outside of WWE live events.

The exceptionally remarkable, world-travelled audience for “PROGRESS: Orlando” witnessed a unique, and genuine performance by 175lb Champion Tyler Bate, from Dudley, England, who defended his inaugural WWE U.K. Championship title against 159b Mark Andrews of Cardiff, Wales.

The stage was set between World Wrestling Entertainment and PROGRESS Wrestling.

The champion, Tyler Bate handed over his championship to the referee, and the opening bell sounded with a thunderous clang to start the contest. The uninhibited Bate faced off with the free spirited Mark Andrews.

The PROGRESS audience watched along as history was unfolding.

Andrews attempted aerial maneuvers, while Bate followed and avoided any separation – in a match that proved to be a clash of personality. Bate’s resiliency matched Andrews’ quick agility, as Bate was able to keep his foundation planted in sight of his WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Bate caught Andrews with an airplane spin in monumental moment, wobbling Andrews, to avert any more aerial offense and pinned Andrews with his signature maneuver, the Tiger Driver ’97.

Tyler Bate retains his title in front of a compelling Fern Park, FL audience and stood proudly in front of thousands of people with the WWE United Kingdom Championship.




Cody Rhodes and Jay Lethal Tie Up In Texas Bull Rope Match

At Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor XI, two of sports entertainment’s biggest stars cuffed their wrists with jarring bull rope, fifteen feet apart – with a threatening cowbell centered – and fought to the edge of obliteration.

Cody commenced a revoutionary battle of chauvinism in allegiance to the name, “The American Nightmare.”

The Franchise of Ring of Honor, Jay Lethal, did not warrant Cody’s unjustifiable disturbance in the sleepless labor in the house of honor.

The two stars bravely agreed to fight – constricted and forced by a lariat that confined their range of mobility and scope – in the middle of a professional wrestling ring.

Both Cody and Jay skirmished through metal and wood as they clashed.

The unnatural string that lead the two framed the picture for the creative fighting spirits in both athletes.

The view from the audience must have been a grim avenue as the two athletes fought bloodily and disingenuously amid millions of supportive company.

Twenty minutes go by, and The Lethal Injection ends the destruction caused by The American Nightmare to a whispering three count.

Watch the historic Texas Bullrope Match on http://www.rohwrestling.com.




Mercedes Martinez Defends SHIMMER Championship Title against Candice LeRae

Mercedes Martinez faces challenger Candice LeRae in the main event of SHIMMER 91. SHIMMER athletes strive to create marvelous performances in a specific brand of talented entertainers. With the Trifecta in Martinez’s corner, LeRae fell victim to dirty tactics, including a belt shot to the face, which would spread thin her opportunity at winning the title. Martinez won the match after a high belly to back suplex that kept LeRae down for the pin.