Best of The West Wrestling’s New Fresno Studio

Best of The West Wrestling has rented out a studio for their television program and training school in Fresno, California. The American wrestling promotion started in 2016, and are already putting their product on Amazon Prime. Their local fans have invested in stories and characters, such as AJ Kirsch, Funnybone, Chris Bey, Toxic Trent, TheContinue reading “Best of The West Wrestling’s New Fresno Studio”

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, A World Class Entertainment Production

The Coastline Clash and The Red Carpet Rumble are the trademark spectacles from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Colt Cabana Attempts Penis Suplex on Super Panda

  Colt Cabana, at Bar Wrestling’s Pinkerton, tried to do the famous Penis Suplex of Joey Ryan. With open legs, Cabana pointed his crotch forward to an unsuspecting Super Panda, an elevated bulge. As Super Panda surveyed the room, he said to himself probably, “Why not?” and touched Cabana’s dick. Soon after the handful ofContinue reading “Colt Cabana Attempts Penis Suplex on Super Panda”

Maxwell Jacob Friedman Debuts with Two Big Wins in California

  MJF, Maxwell Jacob Friedman recently made his first appearances in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas’s Birthday Bash, two promotions in California. With the Combat Zone Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, MJF made his entrance to the bright Hollywood lights. The confident, rich, and eloquently dressed superstar fromContinue reading “Maxwell Jacob Friedman Debuts with Two Big Wins in California”

Who Are Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson, The One Percent?

                    Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson are the current Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Known as The One Percent, along with their manager, MK, this team is the top tag team in Las Vegas, NV at this very point in time. The One PercentContinue reading “Who Are Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson, The One Percent?”

Bar Wrestling’s Showdown

The sounds of Bar Wrestling, if translated, would be a city’s sirens calling for a superhero. Southern California’s desire for pro wrestling has elevated the careers of the industry’s top performers.¬†Fans are eager to buy in to the next selling act, put it on a pedestal, and worship it like their favorite musician’s song. AContinue reading “Bar Wrestling’s Showdown”


Come take a drive to the hidden city of Baldwin Park, CA. Be a part of the family who create to change the world: Joey Ryan, The Killer Baes (Laura James and Heather Monroe), Xia Brookside, Pentagon Jr., Fenix, Hurricane Helms, Tyler Bateman, Brody King, Taya Valkyrie, Scorpio Sky, Super Panda, DOOMFLY (Eli Everfly andContinue reading “BAR WRESTLING TOMORROW!”

Willie Mack Steals The Pot at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

“Chocolate Thunder” Willie Mack has defeated “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido for the United Wrestling Network’s Heritage Championship. Bad Dude Tito enters his last Heritage Title defense of his first reign at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.   Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s top title now belongs to The Mack. However, his tactics and signature maneuvers have changed.Continue reading “Willie Mack Steals The Pot at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood”

Big Time Wrestling Raises the Limit at Milpitas High School

Darren Young vs Rik Luxury stacked up and headlined the Big Time Wrestling’s May Daze event. May Daze was one of the highest praised sports entertainment events that has ever taken place in the East Bay Area. A former WWE Tag Team Champion, Darren Young brought his endless supply of positivity to lighten the coldContinue reading “Big Time Wrestling Raises the Limit at Milpitas High School”