NWA 70th Anniversary Nashville, TN October 21, 2018

Congratulations to NWA and Cody R, participating in a great howling race branded by the highest sponsor team in America. The National Wrestling Alliance operated in ancient times of territory warfare, in our ancestors’ age, all the way back to when wrestling first began. The BULLET CLUB for foresting forever imprints in life. An everlastingContinue reading “NWA 70th Anniversary Nashville, TN October 21, 2018”


Congratulations to the new Ring of Honor Television Title Holder, Jeff Cobb! No question that Jeff Cobb is more powerful than other competitors. Exudes electricity mezmerizing and is fascinating. Cobb is macht standard of his craft. We appreciate the drive and influence attributed to the title. Cobb is killing it, falling all his opponents with aContinue reading “OCTOBER 2018: TITLE CHANGE”